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Print Audit Made Easy

What's the true cost of printing in your organization? Who prints the most pages, and what exactly do they print? Keep track of network printing in your organization, and keep electronic copies of eve........ Read More

Home Theater Systems: Audio And Video Basics

All home entertainment units have three major components that are essential to creating a functional home theater system. The main focus of any theater is the television or video display. Sound quali........ Read More

Marketing With Website Audio

In today's marketing world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were cut and dry........ Read More

How To Use Anthologies To Build Your Reading Audience

Copyright 2006 Black Butterfly Press Two years ago, when my colleague, fellow writer, Patricia Phillips, author of recent novel, Last Bride Standing, (and others) came up with the idea of writing an ........ Read More

How To Audition For American Idol

Knowing that you are trying to be a total superstar is not always easy. Trying to pull yourself from absolute oblivion and making it big as a singer is one of the hardest parts of the music busines........ Read More

Residential Telecom Audits

No business can flourish without an efficient and advanced telecommunications infrastructure in its offices and factories. All employees need a communication device to maintain their efficiency and sa........ Read More

Accounting Auditing Careers

Within the accountancy field, there are several career choices and that includes accounting auditing career. Auditors play a very important role especially in the business industry. They perform vario........ Read More

Are You Ready To Buy A Home Theater Audio System?

Are you ready to buy a home theater audio system? Here are several tips to help you find the right audio system for you. 1. Spend some quality time with the room you are going to put your new home th........ Read More

Audio Streaming: Easily Captured

There was a time when it was difficult to distribute audio effectively over the Internet because the software used for listening was hard to come by and hard drive space was limited. Today Internet........ Read More

The Ipod Audio Revolution

Do you know anyone who today doesn't know what an iPod is? Unless they've been asleep for the last ten years or are totally out of touch with today's technology, the answer is probably not. But, in........ Read More

Tips On Renting Audio Visual Equipment

One major key to success of an event where presentations are made is having the right audio visual equipment available. The right equipment does wonders in enhancing the presentation experience, espec........ Read More

Write Emails Marketing Messages That Capture Your Audience

The contents of the email marketing messages can keep your readers focused if they are written and presented well. Since readers like to scan through emails instead of reading them entirely, they unde........ Read More

Audio Books – 10 Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

My friends and colleagues consider me as the audio books expert. They tell their friends that they know an audio books expert and the outcome is that I keep getting dozens of audio books questions and........ Read More

Ten Ways To Use Audio To Sell More Books

We all know that audio can be a powerful way to engage your audience, but can it really help you make a book sale? You bet it can. Here are some ways you can use audio to help sell your book: 1. A........ Read More

Audio Books: At Opposite Ends

Audio books were created to cope with our lifestyle today. People who live in a routine-based life can add a little bit of a twist by listening to them. They can listen to the works of their favorite ........ Read More


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BMW Mercedes Benz Audi Maserati
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