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Effective Use Of Teams For It Audits

RRP $453.99

Most organizations find that an empowered team will improve the effectiveness of the IT auditing function. Such a team has the appropriate authority, resources, and skills to perform a project, determine the solution, and implement that solution without outside intervention. Audit management should establish certain guidelines for the teams to follow. Management may approve team assignments, but the team can use whatever resources are necessary to complete that assignment.
Effective Use of Teams in IT Audits presents four approaches to ensure the effective use of teams:
1. Assessing team effectiveness. An auditing function can use a self-assessment document to determine whether it is using teams effectively.
2. Organizing and managing teams. Several suggestions are provided for staffing, organizing, and managing these teams.
3. Using teams to conduct reviews during an audit. This six-step approach uses peers to review peers, as opposed to supervisors to control subordinates. The review process provides checklists for use in conducting these peer reviews.
4. Using teams to improve audit processes. A detailed six-step improvement process is provided as a tool for improving audit processes.
Team tools are significant ultimate team success. This book includes suggestions for building a team toolbox, and an appendix describing effective team tools.

A History Of Auditing

RRP $518.99

The collapse in the US of Enron and Worldcom, together with their auditors, Arthur Andersen, has focused the public spotlight on the company audit and made it a highly controversial aspect of the accountant's work. In Britain, the recent legal action by Equitable Life against Ernst and Young is only the latest in a long line of scandals at BCCI, Maxwell, and the Barings bank, among many others. "A History of Auditing" for the first time lifts the lid off the work of the auditors, and details how historically they have got themselves into the present situation.
The book draws on new evidence generated by a postal questionnaire and oral history among auditors both past and present, together with an analysis of company reports and exhaustive use of contemporary textbooks and articles, making frequent frequent comparisons with American practice. The resulting history traces the evolution of the auditing process from its leisurely Victorian beginnings where armies of clerks checked and ticked everything in their client's books, to the transformation in the 1960s when, with the growing scale of clients auditing became more a matter of checking a client's systems rather than the records themselves. The changes in the 1980s are also documented when because of the growing pressure on audit fees from clients meeting the threat of global competition, auditors began to put their faith in such nebulous techniques as risk assessment. Alongside all these changes auditors also had to cope with the advent of computerization which robbed them of the audit trail.
This comprehensive history will be a useful reference tool for accounting, business and economic historians and will also be an enlightening read for all those with an interest in auditing procedures.

The Wiggles A Friendly Surprise Book With Audio Cd

RRP $12.95

The Wiggles, along with Dorothy the Dinosaur, narrate each wiggly story for this fun audio book, which feature songs and wiggly sound effects by Australia's favourite children's entertainment group. A Friendly Surprise: The Wiggles want their friends to be part of a special show, but they can't find anyone. Little do they know their friends are preparing a special show for The Wiggles!This format is perfect for children becoming familiar with longer narrative-based books.


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